Why CrossFit Rocky Mount?
CrossFit Rocky Mount provides our city with a true athletic fitness option.  Our program consists of truly functional movements that can be found in your everyday life.  There are no gimmicks or unfounded promises with CrossFit. 
CrossFit is not a bodybuilding program.  We train for life, not 
looks... function, not form.  Bodybuilding, or Pop-fitness as we 
affectionately call it, is not a sport and has little or no functional application.  We don't care how much you bench press or how big your biceps are.  We do care about your complete fitness goals and we'll help you obtain them in ways you might not have thought possible.
We make only one promise to our clients... and that is you get what you give.  Achieving and maintaining fitness is not always easy.  Come in and give us 100% and we'll give you a new mindset about fitness and what your body is capable of.
Yes, CrossFit Rocky Mount is more expensive than conventional gyms.  However, CrossFit Rocky Mount is more than just a gym, its a training facility.  As with most things in life you get what you pay for.  We offer the absolute best physical training available and have equipment that is not available at any gym in the area.
CrossFit Rocky Mount's trainers are professionals.  There are no other physical trainers in the area that can compare.  We have true experience, knowledge and application of athletic training.  What we are not is kids trying to make a few extra dollars.  We are dedicated to the highest level of instruction on proper technique, form and foundations.

Jimmie Bowen
Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Endurance Trainer

586 English Road, Suite 45, Rocky Mount, NC  27804 | email: | Call: (252) 443-5511
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Tracy Hicks
Level 1 Certificate
Tom Robertson
Level 1 Certificate
Bryan Braswell- Level 1 Certificate
David Jarvis- Level 1 Certificate
Jackson Bowen- Level 1 Certificate